by Ethan Fortner

Prayer. It’s one the most frequent actions we take as believers. It's even something culture throws around in times of need and times of sorrow. "Sending prayers!" "Praying for you." It’s honestly a pretty repetitive thing we see on a daily basis, but I want to look at prayer even deeper. I want to look at prayer as more than just a kind gesture. I want look at prayer as something we don't always take for granted. Today I have 3 points for you that shed some light on what prayer can do, and how it can possibly open our eyes to the box we put around the power of prayer.

I heard a spiritual leader say one time that "Prayer is our lifeline." Prayer is a two way street. Sometimes we overthink it, and sometimes we can underestimate it. Could you imagine for just a brief minute what life would be like if prayer did not exist? There would honestly be no two- way communication with our God. To be frank, it seems that even a one-way type of communication would be at least limited or  non-existent. Our very communication of thanks, questions and answers would not be available for us to use. Prayer is the lifeline, it's the way God hears us, and how we can hear him.

1.Prayer Brings us Closer

Prayer does just that. Prayer opens up the door for us to literally be in the presence or at the feet of Jesus. This is where I think we "underestimate" prayer. No matter how you look at prayer or how you pray, I think sometimes we tend to jump right into it with out taking a moment to realize what we are about to do. We are literally about to have a one on one conversation with the king of Kings. The one who took himself to the cross, is about to listen to what I have to say. He's not just about to listen, He is about to talk as well. Prayer brings us so close to Him, that it could be compared to having a conversation with someone sitting next to you at a table in Starbucks. It's like having any new or old friend. You don’t trust or feel close to them unless you start talking to them and truly get to know them. Our relationship with God is the same. Yes, He may know us inside and out, but God doesn’t want to just be a fan of us, He wants to be a friend of us. We as believers can’t just be fans of Jesus, we have to be followers. 

2. Prayer Brings us Revelation.

The one thing, the one phrase, or maybe the one verse you need to hear could be sitting on the other side of one prayer. Revelation through prayer comes in many different ways. I don’t claim to know what you have gone through or what kind of trial in life you may be facing, but the one thing you may need to hear, could be waiting for you through a time of prayer. You may be looking for answers through advice, through books, or even through past experiences, but the one answer, phrase, or word could be one moment of prayer away - one moment of time spent at the feet of the Lord. The Bible has a lot of information, and let's be honest we don’t fully understand a lot of it on our own. Prayer brings revelation to the word of God. So to that I same point, you may have already read the one verse or story you needed to, but in prayer God will reveal the meaning or the interpretation for you in that moment. The Word is living and breathing. It says so in Hebrews 4:12. Prayer brings the word of God to life!

3. Prayer Brings us Power

Prayer invites God to move through us. It is not us, but He who is in us that brings the miraculous. When we pray for healing, God hears it. We are not capable- we alone are not able. It's He who hears us through prayer that comes to heal, that comes to restore, that comes to convict and to change. God called us to be obedient to the Holy Spirit, and in that when we pray, it gives us the power to do the impossible. From restoring sight, seeing the lame walk, and even seeing a whole city like Flagstaff shift to a city completely on fire for God. Prayer invites God to move. It invites God to do what only He can do, and invites Him to use us to do greater things.

I encourage you today. If it is easy for you to pray, take a moment before doing so to realize what it is you are about to do. You are about to be in the presence of God himself. Don't underestimate what you are about to do and the power that is in it. On the other hand, if you are someone that finds it hard to pray, understand that God wants to talk to you! It doesn’t have to be super duper spiritual, and you don’t have to say "Father God" or "Lord" every other word. He made you for you, and He loves you. He just wants to have conversation with you, like it was just Him and you having a nice hot mocha at Starbucks. Let's get closer, let's find revelation, and let's change the world!