Guidance. It's something all humans seem to have their mind on. Something we always strive for, but we just can’t seem to accept it from the right people. It's also something that a lot of people don’t seek. When they go through tough times, big life decisions, emergency situations that come up, they don’t look for guidance. They just push through their day to day lives and  say to themselves they don’t need or want anybodyor they lie to themselves and let the enemy tell them that they can do it on their own. I'm not sure what category you fall under, or maybe its another category entirely, but I just want to give you some help or "guidance" in the matter.

 See, this blog post in itself is a form of guidance. Maybe you have come here because you are looking for guidance but have not been willing to share what you are going through, or look for personal interaction for it. That is my first look of how to obtain proper guidance. I call this type of issue, "Guilty Guidance." If you are like me, this is a big one to personally struggle with. The Bibe tells us that we need community and people around us to build ourselves up. Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 says this:


"Two people are better than one because together they have a good reward for their hard work. If one falls, the other can help his friend get up. But how tragic it is for the one who is all alone when he falls. There is no one to help him get up."


The truth is that we NEED people in our lives. We need good friends! The problem is if you are like me, you let the enemy tell you that you can do it yourself, and that if you ask for help people will either judge you or look at you as someone who is weak. 

That brings me to guilty guidance. The Bible says, all fall short of the glory of God. So who am I to think it as a weakness to share that with someone else. I am not perfect, but I don’t want to be vulnerable in front of my wife, my family, my pastors, and my peers. I look at it as a sign of weakness. I look at it as if I'm not as good as they are, or I'm not good enough to get through whatever it is that is going on. You don’t want to share your struggles and ask for help because you feel guilty for "failing" and not being able to do it. You have to understand this, you are not and cannot be perfect. God placed specific people in your life to help you and guide you through the season of life that you find yourself in.


The verse listed above says that, "If one falls, the other can help his friend up." The problem our strong minded selves struggle with is that we don’t let the friend see that we have fallen and need help getting up. I want to encourage you that being vulnerable is not something to feel guilty about, but to be giddy about because God has placed someone in your life to help you up from the fall.


This verse also says, "how tragic it is for the one who is alone and falls and has none to help him up." Here is how we find ourselves in these situations. Number one, we either tell ourselves that God will help us through it and we don’t need someone else; or two, we ignore the help that God has sent us. 

Have you ever been in that situation where you ask God to give you guidance? You wait for it, or for a sign of some sort and nothing happens. I've been there! It's like asking for directions from Siri and there isn't a signal on your phone. But with this metaphor God provided a physical map. See we keep asking God for guidance and more guidance when the whole time he has placed someone in our life that is asking us how we are doing, or how they can help. God placed it right in front of you! I'm not saying God can't speak to you and guide, I'm just saying he has other methods as well that we tend to ignore because of guilt, pride, or shame.  If you believe God can use you, don't you think we should believe that he can use someone else for your sake too?


What I am trying to say is when in search of guidance for whatever situation you are presently up! Open up yourself to other people. Open up your mind to other methods God may be trying to use. Open up your heart to hear, and don't let pride or the fear of failure stop you from letting a friend see that you may have fallen, and just need a hand to lift you up.