dream team

Welcome to the Dream Team Video Series.  We invite you to take time to watch each of the videos below to learn more about Urban Hope Church and how you can become an important member of our team committed to living out the Gospel in Flagstaff. 

urban hope origins

urban hope core beliefs

urban hope mission

how to take spiritual gifts test

Step 1: Click HERE for spiritual gift's test.

Step 2: Answer the Spiritual gifts questions honestly with the corresponding number

1 almost never – 2 seldom – 3 sometimes – 4 frequently – 5 almost always. Allow yourself time to answer all questions.

Step 3: Add each line left to right and place the totaled number in the total column.

Step 4: Identify your highest totaled number with the corresponding letter and the spiritual gift it represents.

Step 5: Read about your gifts HERE

urban hope vision & next step