Benevolence Requests

If you are in need of  assistance please fill out the form below and someone will reach out to you. Please allow 24hrs for response.

General Information Please Read:

Urban Hope Church cannot provide financial support without the completion of this form.

If you are applying for help with temporary housing you will need to have a debit card and
 driver's license or ID in your possession.

Urban Hope Church is unable to allow applicants to work for money at the Church.
Urban Hope Benevolence Policy:

Benevolence is defined as a person who:
Lacks the necessities of life, involving physical, mental, or emotional well-being, as a result of temporary distress. A person who temporarily lacks food or shelter, a person who is the victim of a natural or civil disaster, a person who is temporarily not self-sufficient as a result of a sudden and severe personal or family crisis, or a minor who is not self-sufficient and who is not cared for by a parent or guardian. 

*Please note that Urban Hope Church is only able to provide financial assistance once per calendar year.