Meet the team

Adam & Natascha Kling

Lead Pastors

Since 2006, Adam and Natascha Kling have served as youth and associate pastors in Arizona and Tennessee. Adam has been in full time ministry since 2006 and Natascha has grown up in a church planter's home and has been active in ministry since she was 15. They have seen hundreds of students and adults come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, and are passionate about loving those who feel like there is nowhere to turn or don't feel comfortable in a "church" setting. Through their journey, they have had a new dream birthed in them to plant a church in Flagstaff, Arizona. Adam and Natascha are in their late 30's and early 40's, they have one daughter named Eden. Adam is an ordained minister. They love the outdoors, hunting, mountain biking, running, and anything that involves fresh air! With God’s vision, and gracious partners to help along the way, they hope to see their city changed, their community loved and each individual they reach eternally transformed.

Lead Team

Pastor Dave Wessels

Discipleship Director
School of Ministry Coach

Pastor Alex Ellifritz

Student Ministries Pastor
Pastoral assistant

Pastor Ashley Atkisson

Women's Ministry Pastor

Ministry Directors

Adam Wessels

Media Director

Pastor Alexis Ellifritz

Children's Pastor

Pastor Dave Hommel

Biblical Counselor

Pastor Natascha Kling

Worship Director

Mike and Janel Sherwood 

UGroup Directors

Janet Wessels

Prayer and Freedom Ministry Director

Quinn Nez

Dream Center Director 

Pastor Steven Klistoff

Worship assistant

Joe Miller

Serve Team Director-Community Projects
Dream Center Assistant