Our mission is to develop the potential in every Believer to lead in the marketplace,classroom, office or ministry. 

School of ministry Open House
September 11th 6:30pm at UHC


Equipping Believers of All Ages

Ignite your desire to pursue intimacy with God. Learn how and why to feed yourself spiritually.


Building Leaders for Influence

Fuel your passion for pursuing Kingdom purpose and personal excellence.


Pursuing a Pastoral Calling 

Pursue your calling to ministry and earn your pastoral credentials.

Pricing and Registration

Tier One REgular Student:
Full year $725
Single Semester $250
Per Course $100

Tier TWo Active Dream Team Member:
Full Year $500
Single Semester $175
Per Course $50

Tier Three Student Interns:
Full year $275
SIngle Semester $100 
Per Course $50

Please complete the form below and our director will contact you to complete your registration and answer any questions you have. 

Pastor Dave Wessels

School of Ministry Director

Dave Wessels spent 20 years at Rock Church in San Diego where he founded, led, and taught the core equipping ministries of Biblical Stewardship and Kingdom Living. Dave and his wife Janet relocated to Flagstaff for the arrival of their first grandchild, and celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary in 2021.  They both bring many years of business and ministry leadership experience to Urban Hope. Pastor Dave leads our discipleship programs, and is the director of the Urban Hope School of Ministry.