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Based out of Urban Hope Church in Flagstaff,  Arizona, Urban Hope School of Ministry is an internship intended to help people discover the call of God on their lives.
We do this by letting students experience  ministerial activities, Pastoral academics, displays of servanthood, and participation in leadership activities. This one-year program is designed to teach students the day to day practical and spiritual aspects of being a Pastor and to prepare them for a life of ministry.

Students will be transformed into the men and women  God has called them to be. Our goal is not to make just Pastors behind the pulpit we want to help make Pastors in schools, in communities, in workplaces, and every position inside and out of the church.

Upon completion and review from the Urban  Hope Pastoral Board students will receive a Certificate of Ministry from Urban Hope Church with the opportunity to pursue a second year to become a licensed minister. Our goal at the end of this internship is for everyone who graduates to be properly equipped  to join the Pastoral Staff of any church doing any job.  

servant hood

Ministry is about people. As Jesus states  in Matthew 20:26 – 
 “…whoever wants to become great among  you must be your servant.” 
To be able to lead, you must first be able  to serve. Volunteers (servants) are vital for the day to day operations of Urban Hope Church. This includes setting up and tearing down services and events, assisting the congregation with any needs, and many other various tasks throughout the week. Being  able to serve humbly… enables one to lead humbly! 


The Great Commission is a command found  in Matthew 28:19. A command Jesus stated so plainly, simply, and clearly. Yet a command all the same. In response to his command, students will be involved in a minimum of one monthly outreach. These outreaches will vary depending on what meets our community’s  needs. Examples include, landscaping, painting, picking up trash, serving food etc.

Once a year students will also go on a  mission’s trip. This is a time where they are able to reach out to those in need both locally and abroad. The goal of these trips will be to partner with the local community and help with both tangible and spiritual needs in the area.


Academics for the Urban Hope School of Ministry are broken up into a few different categories. Each month students will study different curriculum, read leadership books, and participate in various activities (as seen in the commitment section below). Upon completion of the internship, students will be  reviewed by the Urban Hope Church Pastoral Board. Below are the details for the Urban Hope School of Ministry academic structure.

Certification Books - Students will be given all the materials needed to succeed; however, it is their responsibility to be prepared for their test. Tests will be given once per month. A passing grade is 75% or above. They will have the opportunity to re-test for a $20 fee per test if the grade falls below a 75%. All tests must be passed in order to graduate.

Book Reports -1 page summary of the book and 1 page response to the book due every month.

Participation - Participation is the largest portion of this program. Students must be present in order to learn.

Participation grades are PASS/FAIL grades.
Pastoral Evaluation - Upon completion of the year long program, Pastoral Staff will make a recommendation to the Urban Hope Pastoral Board. Following approval from the Urban Hope Staff, students will be interviewed and evaluated by a member of the Urban Hope Pastoral Board. Students will also be required to provide a written character reference from someone outside of the church, a written professional reference from their current or previous employer as well as the written reference from a Pastor on staff at Urban Hope Church.

personal growth

Urban Hope Church Staff will be there to keep students accountable in all areas of life. We believe that spiritual growth happens with relationships. Our goal is to develop teacher/mentor like relationships with all Urban Hope School of Ministry students to help direct them towards person growth.  All students will also be required to keep a prayer journal.  


$30 application fee to be paid at time of application.
$1200 yearly tuition OR $100 per month tuition due on the 1st of each month.
$10-$20 per book for monthly book reports
*Any other costs such as special events, mission’s trips, conferences, etc. will be given out ahead of time for proper budgeting.


Days will consist of various tasks, student studies and day to day operations. Students can work a job and/or go to school as long as it does not conflict with the School of Ministry schedule, which is given out at the start of each semester.

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