we want to pray for you

If there is a need in your life that you need prayer for, please submit a request below. Our leadership will be sure to pray for you this week! 


Pray for my friend to find strength, and find her way.

Pray for a friend in the hospital where the doctors do not know what is going on.

Pray for my adult daughter with her new transition in life in a new state.

Pray for my boyfriend to find a job and housing.

Pray for my dad's sobriety and mental health.

In my lowest of lows that God remains my strength.

That 2020 would be the year I get closer to God.

That my brother in-law would come to Christ in his struggle with cancer.

Pray for Australia and all the workers and fire fighters.

Prayer my brother and his new born baby.

Pray for my friend who had a stroke.

Pray that my parents make the long drive from Alaska to Flagstaff safely.

Pray for my friend who was in a car wreck.

Pray that God helps me in my discernment if I need a new job or stay where I am at.

Pray that my living situation would improve.


-My son got accepted into the college he wanted to pursue his dreams!

-A miracle job opened up after 18 months of prayer!

-Colon Cancers gone

-Stomach cancer gone

-Throat cancer gone

-Taste bud have come back

-Sense of smell restored

-Family’s reunited

-Marriages Restored

-Crippled / now can walk

-Financial breakthrough

-Joint pain gone

-Back pain gone

-I have found real friends

-Kids reunited with moms and dads

-Unable to have kids and now pregnant

-Jobs provided

-Cars provide

-Houses provide

-Going blind- sight completely restored

-Anxiety - now completely gone

-Pain gone