Ellie Durall

Youth Assistant 

Ellie grew up in San Diego for most of her life. She came to Flagstaff about 6 years ago to get her Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood and Special Education at Northern Arizona University, which she received in 2022. Ellie now works full time as a teacher at Flagstaff Christian School. She found Urban Hope about 3 years ago and discovered a true relationship with Jesus that transformed her life. Since then she loves to serve every Sunday as a greeter, welcoming people just as she was so lovingly welcomed her first time at church. Ellie is an intern in School of Ministry where she gets to dive deeper into her relationship with God. Alongside Steven, she runs the Youth ministry at Urban Hope. Youth ministry captivated Ellie's heart in the way that their generation has such a heart and fire to chase after Jesus. She's so inspired by their faith and loves to lead them into a deeper, intimate relationship with God.